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Cell policy

This year, we're going to work on getting you to a place where you can manage your cell phone use. Think of me as your coach. We'll be doing some strength training, starting with the beginning of class, which will be tech-free time. Whenever you come into the room, the expectation is that you get your journals out and put all technology away. That means no phones on your desk, no phones shoved between your thigh and the chair or hanging out on the windowsill. A lot of you are already there. But some of you—I'll be honest here—have an addiction. You can't separate yourself from your phone for 10 minutes. If that's you, let me be clear: you have a problem. And we're all here to help you.

If you cannot manage your cell i will

1) Take the cell away from you for the end of the day

2) On the second offence, i will email your parents about the situation.

3) On the third offence, you will need to pick up your phone at the principle office

4) Finally, if this doesn't change the behaviour, you will be going for counselling