Keli Slaughter
Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s world - Instruisons nos jeunes pour le monde demain
My Philosophy

Keys for Success:

  1. Attendance - While there are valid reasons for absences, extended absences make it difficult for any student to be successful.
  2. Attitude- A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts and outcomes.  It acts as a catalyst as it sparks continued growth.
  3. Ability- Recent research in brain development, describes "neuroplasticity" which is the brain's capacity to change.  Each individual can improve as the mind is not "set in stone" as was previously thought. Whether a student is gifted or has a learning challenge, ability can only get him or her so far without good attendance and a positive attitude. 

Student Absences:

Please make sure that if your student is absent, that you call in to the office to excuse the absence. If there are a series of unexcused absences, this could show as a "red-flag" in the system.

Work missed due to an absence should be completed. If it is a major assignment, then it is required in order for that student to pass the course.


Many families exercise the right to take vacations during school time. The challenge that crops up is when expectations are that the teacher will simply provide a supplemental learning package. From past experience, each of these packages takes between 1-3 hours to create and about 75% are not completed. As a result, students should read while travelling, do some journaling, and enjoy the vacation that their family has taken. When they come back, that is when they can complete the practice and major assignments.

Do not request that your student should complete all the work in advance. Each year, each class, and each student is different. It is impossible to pin-point where the learning in the class will be weeks in advance.  ​

Homework Requests Due to Illness:

I need 24 hours' notice before a "homework package" request can be fulfilled. So a request called in on Monday morning will be available on Tuesday. These take time to compile and the majority of them are not even collected. If your child is very ill and may fall behind, please email me. Some topics can easily be sent home. Others do not translate easily to a "worksheet".